1 More Day!!

I’ll be posting the cover for Drifting into Darkness tomorrow, so stayed turned for that. But while you are waiting here is a little teaser for you. :)



He lifted a hand to my cheek. “Close your eyes for me.” I frowned for a moment before I complied. His other hand grazed my cheek and I could feel the goose bumps rise on my arms. “Picture me in your head,” he said softly. I pictured him standing there in front of me. “Do you have it?” I nodded. “Now picture a few years down the road. Can you see me?” I nodded and smiled. I knew where he was going with this. “Can you see yourself with me?” I nodded again as I felt his lips press against my forehead and work their way down. “In your mind, do I look freaked out?” I bit my lip and shook my head. He didn’t look freaked out at all. The future Landon looked content and happy. In my mind, he was taking me for a horseback ride on Charlie, out to this very pond.


I opened my eyes and raised my hands to his face. The feeling that I’d felt before was in the pit of my stomach; the feeling that this was meant to be. And somehow, even though I’d only known him for over a month, I knew deep down it was true. “You don’t look freaked out at all.”

His lips curved into a smirk before they were smashed against mine. Our tongues were tangled in a soft passionate kiss, while his hands slid down my arms, past my waist. He gripped my ass as he brought me closer to his body, causing me to gasp into his mouth. I could feel how hard he was as he pulled me as close as I could possibly get. My mind whirled with hunger to feel him and it drove me to rock my hips against him.

He made me feel so much in my heart and mind that I needed to be close to him this way. I needed to feel that connection we both shared in a more intimate way.

I pulled back from him, breathing heavily, and grinned at what I was about to say. “I’m ready.”

He grinned with me and captured my lips with his as he made his way out of the pond. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tightened my legs around his waist to ensure I wouldn’t fall.

Slowly, he lowered me down to the blanket, breaking the kiss. The way he was looking at me caused chills to flow through my body. It was hard for me to think that I met him a little over a month ago, yet there I was, falling for him. It was so much to take in, but I wanted to cherish this moment forever.


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