AHHHHH!!!!! 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

I’ve missed teaser Tuesday a couple of times so here is just a little tease.

To Jules and her tequlia shots!!! 

When I finally figured out what I was going to wear, my room looked like a tornado had whipped through it. Clothes were thrown all over my floor and on the bed, but I’d worry about that later. I decided on a pair of cute black shorts and a shear pink top that hung off one shoulder with a pink camisole underneath. I paired it with silver-strapped heels that had a cuff going around my ankle. I thought I looked really good, and after I did my hair and make-up, Jules was whistling at me.
“You are such a dork,” I laughed at her as she leaned against my bedroom door.
She was wearing white skinny jeans and a black embellished top. I don’t know how she did it, but she always knew exactly what to wear. I was the one who always needed help picking something that looked good. Jules was more fashion forward than I was.
“You look great, and the guys are going to go nuts over those shorts. I bet I could totally see half your ass cheek if you bent over,” she said sarcastically.
I shook my head and laughed, “Shut up!”
She laughed and walked toward the living room. “Come on, it’s time for our shot, birthday girl.”
I followed her into the kitchen for our traditional tequila shot before we went out. But this time Jules said we had to take two shots because it was my birthday.
She poured two shots each. I picked up the first one and waited for her toast.
“To the birthday girl, may this year be better than the last.” She clicked our glasses together and we both downed the tequila. It burned going down and we picked up the second shot not wasting any time. “To the birthday girl, may you find a good man…to fuck your brains out like a real man should.” She clicked our glasses together as we both laughed, and then we finished off the shot.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I felt the tequila heating up my body. This was definitely going to get my blood flowing, and I was definitely ready to party.


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