It’s getting closer

So, I wanted to stop by and write to let you all know that I just sent out the manuscript for My Beautiful to get formatted. I’m so excited. This means once I get it back in the next week it will be ready to publish. Will I publish early? Probably not. I want to hold firm on the publish date.

I’m so excited to publish this book. It’s my new baby. It was hard to publish Lifeless back in July because it was my first and I was so nervous that nobody would like it. However, this time around I’m nervous that My Beautiful won’t live up to everyone’s expectations. But from the feedback I’ve been getting from bloggers…so far, so good. I’m happy to say that everyone has loved it so far and I CAN NOT WAIT to hear from you.

Also, I want to point out that I’m going to be doing a lot more blog posts on my webpage. With Facebook being a turd and wanting all group pages to pay for people to see their posts this will be an easy way for me to communicate with you so that you can stay updated on all thing that go on with me and my writing. I will also be posting this post on my fan page as well. All giveaways from here on out will be posted on the blog.

As for my current WIP. I’m writing Drifting into Darkness. This book has been on the backburner since I was writing Lifeless. I got this idea and couldn’t wait to start writing it, but with My Beautiful needing to be finished as well I had to put it aside. This book will be a standalone so I promise no cliffhanger. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget on Monday I’ll be posting the Prologue for My Beautiful right here on my website. So stay turned!!! :)


  1. gale adams says

    Found ya! I don’t get lots of stuff on fb. I’m glad we are doing this now! Can not wait for the new one.Excited!

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